Daily devotion

The Fall of Jericho

Read Joshua 5:13 – 6:27.

After their long journey, God’s people cross the flooded Jordan River and set foot in the Promised Land. But some of their biggest trials still await them. God has commanded them to drive out the people currently living in the land, but he doesn’t send them out to battle alone. The “commander of the Lord’s army” — God himself — will lead them. Throughout the big story, God continually makes contact with his people. He appeared to Abraham, Issac, Jacob, Moses, and now Joshua. His presence inspires fear, awe, and courage. He gives instructions that require trust and perseverance, and he stays with his people through it all.

Observation Point:

Capturing Jericho involved both religious rituals and military strategy. Military tactics of this time period included besieging the city, circling around it, and blowing the ram’s horn as a signal of battle. Religious practices included following behind the Ark, a symbol of God’s presence; using the sacred number seven and its multiples; and shouting to celebrate God’s victory. This was a new kind of warfare, led by God.

Exploration Point:

Psychological warfare is nothing new. At Jericho, the Hebrew’s shouting would have terrified the people of the city. They were the feared warriors of that time and place. Yet their conflict was won not with weapons but through trust and obedience to God, allowing him to win the battle for his people. This type of warfare was acceptable only in the Old Testament under God’s direct command. Christ preached that we should take an entirely new approach to our enemies: love, not hate. We should promote peace as Christ did, not conflict.

My thoughts:

As I was reading through this passage, it shows utter no-sense to just walk with the ark of God around the town and just shout the name of God. But amidst various doubts of people of how we are going to defeat the town of Jericho! Joshua continued to obey what God had instructed him and he followed every step diligently.

In the same manner, I feel there were some certain circumstances that God would take us and instructs us to follow a certain path. In the world’s eye it would look foolish but in the eyes of the Lord, He knows what is best for us and if we just persevere and stick to His will we will see a glorious end and through that God’s name would be glorified.

Even at this instance, you might be in a place where God has placed you!. Remember God has placed you at this instance for a specific reason just hold and obey what God instructs you to do and you will see all the walls of the enemy come down and will see the Glory of God be lifted through you.





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