Daily devotion

God’s presence with His people

Read Numbers 9:1-23

A year after God’s people crossed the Red Sea, God calls them to remember their deliverance from Egypt by celebrating the Passover. God provides detailed instructions for observing the Passover, but he graciously allows flexibility in the observance and welcomes foreigners to participate. God is fulfilling his promise to Abraham: His blessings are spreading out through Abraham’s descendants and beyond. He reminds them all of his presence through the cloud and fire hovering over the Tabernacle. In God’s big story, his people find freedom and blessing by living in his presence.

Observation point:

God used familiar sights to show his presence: a cloud during the day that glowed like fire at night. Since leaving Egypt, the people had been protected by God’s presence. The cloud had protected them from Pharaoh’s army that charged after them, and it had led them through the Red Sea. As the Tabernacle stood in the center of Israel’s camp, the cloud hovered over it, signifying God’s presence with his people. When the cloud moved, the nation followed; when it stopped, they settled down.

Exploration point:

Many of us would love to have a sign as visible and obvious as a cloud or a pillar of fire to show us where God was leading. This was an effective way of providing guidance when God’s people were all in one place at one time and numbered about two million. Today, we have something better: God’s Holy Word– the Bible — and God’s Holy Spirit, present within us, to guide us.

My thoughts:

It was interesting to read through how God communicated through literal signs so that the people of Israel can follow the Lord easily. As centuries progress and mankind get educated the forms of communication by God just changes with the introduction of Bible and Holy Spirit that would guide you in the right directions.

In my life, when I am faced with the difficult situation of decisions in my life. I have seen God speak through the word of God and He gives me encouragement constantly to pursue further and not break myself. Though many may argue that Bible is set for Old centuries and it has to be written to match the modern 21st century. But the words from the Bible are still relevant to us today. This really proves that Bible is not just any other book on the bookshelf. It is the Living Word of God written by men of God who had mighty encounters and miracles directly from God.

Even now, I encourage you all my readers to constantly read your Bible daily to have your life running smoothly in peace. You can say that I don’t have much time, But make time for God in your daily busy life and I guarantee you that He will never let you down and God will speak words of encouragement, peace, and hope through the Word of God and with the help of Holy Spirit you can get past your day in peace without guilt.

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