Daily devotion

Escape through the Red Sea

Read Exodus 13:17-14:31

God chooses Moses to rescue his people from the clutches of Egypt’s Pharaoh, and Moses reluctantly agrees. Then God turns his own Creation into weapons of war to convince Pharaoh to free the Hebrews. Now, with Egypt behind them, the people encounter their first major obstacle – a body of water too wide to cross and too deep to wade through. They have begun to taste the freedom of living in God’s big story, but God is determined to see them also live by faith in him. Their first faith-test is trusting God to safely move two million people through the Red Sea.

Observation Point:

Strong, hot winds, called sirocco winds, are well known in the Arabian Desert. They are strong enough to move large quantities of water aside and expose river beds. Som have wondered if this sort of wind was involved here. However, God’s intervention still would have been needed to maintain the walls of water long enough for the people to cross. And the gale-force wind, impossible to walk in, would have had to stop before the Israelites could move forward. God’s miraculous timing was also needed to allow the Egyptian army to enter the sea before it closed over them. No natural explanation can fully account for the amazing events that took place that day.

Exploration point:

God’s intent was to display the power to the Egyptians and destroy their entire army. Through this final destruction, God showed Pharaoh that the Lord Almighty was in control–not a powerful pharaoh with his army of horses and warrior-driven chariots. This wall of water awed the people of Israel and inspire them to trust in Moses and God. Unfortunately, the needed constant miraculous signs and wonders to keep on trusting.

My thoughts:

When I read through this passage every time, it’s always amazing to just experience how powerful our mighty God is. All the tribes of Israelites and in the area of wilderness and there is a huge sea in front of us and from the other side, the pharaoh’s army is chasing them. There is no other way to go. If you think logically, you either have to surrender to Pharaoh’s army or you have to swim across the sea but that is an impossible feet keeping with children. Here where God comes in and entirely changes your thinking and narrative and what could happen next. Since Israelites are His people and He has made the promise to their ancestors, He makes the impossible things happen and makes a way out of the ordinary beyond anyone’s imagination.

Just relate the crossing of the red sea to your lives. When you think you want to move forward you are stuck and there is no other way to go. When you see that you would like to go back there is no chance to that as well. This is where God comes and completely takes over your life and guides you beyond your imagination and you will see that you will move forward against all odds and at this instance remember God has done this to glorify his name and not yours. It is not by your might but by the power of God.

So “Don’t be afraid Just stand still and watch the Lord rescue you today. The Egyptians you see today will never be seen again”

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