Daily devotion

The Israelites in Egypt

Read Exodus 1: 8 to 2:10

God’s chosen family that started with Abraham grows into a powerful minority living in Goshen, Egypt. Four hundred years after Abraham’s great-grandson Joseph was forced into slavery in Egypt, God has fulfilled his promise. Abraham has indeed become the father of many, but the many are suffering terrible treatment. The pharaoh of Egypt, threatened by their population, work them hard as his slaves and even resorts to infanticide. But God doesn’t let an earthly ruler control his big story. God works through one brave Hebrew mother who dares to defy the royal decree.

Observation Point

The Hebrews did not become slaves immediately after Joseph died. They were probably a free people living in Goshen for a hundred years. Then a tribe from Mesopotamia, whom the Egyptians called Hyksos(meaning “shepherd kings.”), invaded Egypt and took over. When Egypt finally regained its freedom from this invading dynasty, the people were wary of all Semitic tribes, including the Hebrews.

Exploration Point

Why would a loving God let his chosen people suffer for hundreds of years? We cannot understand it completely. God has a plan that is being fulfilled every day: how suffering fits into his plan is often a mystery to us. Amazingly, the Hebrews remained faithful to God of their ancestors through all these years of hardship. They remained steadfast in their faith, praying to God, the source of deliverance and salvation. And God proved faithful through pain and heartache. When we are faithful, we will see God’s own faithfulness in return.

My thoughts

In this chapter there some things that are always a mystery. From the exploration point where it says it is a mystery when God allowed His children to suffer for many years and at the same time it is a mystery that the Hebrews trusted God till the end without giving it up. Yes, in the same manner, there are several occasions in our own life where are ready to give up and go sideways but God has been always been faithful and loving to us and He always fulfills the promise and will that God had placed in our lives.

Even today, if you are reading this with no hope left in you! Do not worry or fret, Our God is a mighty one who is able to turn all your sorrows, anxiety and whatever you feel like a negative into a positive and fulfilling life. You might own everything in this world and you might feel empty inside of you. Jesus is able to fill that gap and reward you with fulfilling the life that will be more happier than your previous lifestyle.

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