Daily devotion

Joseph’s Dreams

Read Genesis 37: 1-36

When Jacob returns to Canaan, he reconciles with his brother Esau. Both men are very wealthy, with large families and herds of livestock. Eventually, Esau moves away, while Jacob remains in Canaan with his twelve sons, including Joseph, his favorite. But the trouble is brewing. Jacob’s favoritism infects his other sons with jealousy and hatred. They retaliate and betray Joseph. Yet God has a plan. He has a big story to write. He is working through Joseph to preserve his chosen people.

Observation point:

What exactly made Joseph’s robe so beautiful is uncertain. Traditionally it is called “a coat of many colors,” but it may have been more ornate, not just colorful. It probably had long, loose sleeves. The fabric may have been very colorful, embroidered with colored threads or adorned with jewels. Whatever it looked like, it was a very special piece of clothing that indicated Joseph was his father’s favorite.

Exploration point:

Showing favoritism is never constructive, especially in a family. This story shows how bad it can get. Young and naive, Joseph made matters worse by recounting his dreams to his brothers. Their pent-up anger and jealousy eventually led to violence and attempted murder. Only Reuben wanted to save Joseph, but he as too late. The sins of this family caused great suffering. Extreme love was tarnished by favoritism, jealousy, and resentment. But God used all these sins in his plan for their ultimate good. Joseph, the object of his brother’s hatred, would become a hero in another time and place.

My thoughts:

Joseph’s brothers planned for the demise of him. But God was all through it and He knew before had what was going to happen to Joseph. Instead of thinking why did God allow for this incident to happen? Think like this, if Joseph was not sold as a slave to Egypt he would not have the opportunity to become the ruler of the nation. God had to literally take him through all the hardship and He was greatly awarded for his trust and patience in the Lord.

Similar to that right now you might be in a situation or circumstance created by someone else because in all that you do people around you receive blessing and praise. But some people would not like that attention and praise on you. They may turn your situations against you but do worry the God who was with Joseph is still alive and He is able to turn your situations around for His glory.  No matter what happens in your life remember to trust in the Lord in every situation and be patient.

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