Daily devotion

Jacob wrestles with God

Read Genesis 32:22-32

Jacob wrestles with God:

Issac’s son Jacob left his home in Canaan and traveled to Paddan-aram, where he married and became wealthy. But conflict forces him to return to Canaan. When Jacob stops at the Jabbok River, God comes to him at night and gives him a new name to remind him of God’s promise: God will fight for his people, defending them and defeating their enemies. In God’s big story, he will continually fight to be united with those he loves.

Observation point:

Crossing the river at night was strategic. Jacob didn’t want anyone to detect his family’s movements or how large the group was. He was a very wealthy man with many childre, wives, servants, and herds of sheep, goats, camels, donkeys, and cattle. Such a large group would have been easily spotted during the day and open to attack from humans or wild animals.

Exploration point:

Jacob had lived up to his name: “deceiver.” He had schemed agaist Esau to get the family blessing. This middle-of-the-night wrestling match put an end to that way of living. By morning, Jacob finally submitted to God’s control and trusted God to bless him. Jacob’s new name, Israel–meaning “God firghts”–signified a shift as well: God would fight for Jacob and his family as they grew to be God’s people — the people of Israel.

My thoughts:

In many way you have wound up in a situation where you have been judged by people and in other situations we are guilty of judging people too quickly. I have come across people where I have met them before Christ touched them, then later after Christ has completely transformed their lives their whole life had changed upside down. Like in this passage where Jacob lived to the meaning of his name, but after He met face to face with God and fought God completely changed his name to Israel and from then on God fought for his family and his generation. As we grow and nurture in the Lord remember God fights for your battles no matter the situation that surrounds you He fights and defends for his people.

As you are reading this today, you might be fighting and wrestling with God to change your life circumstances for the better and I am pretty sure that He listens and God is might enough to change your cirumstances around and in the name of Jesus I cast out all the negative spirit that surrounds you. Remember God fights your battles for you and He will surely win your battles over sin, addiction, depression and any kind of life situations. Just trust and believe.

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