Daily devotion

A Son promised to Sarah

Read Genesis 17, 21:1-7

A Son is promised to Sarah

When God speaks, things happen. God calls Abram to follow, and Abram’s entire life changes, including his name: God calls him Abraham, “the father of many.” Abraham’s name change isn’t a hand-wringing hope, it is a firm declaration: God is going to save the whole world, starting with a baby boy. But thirteen years after God first promised him a son, Abraham’s wife Sarah still is not pregnant. So the Lord appears again to confirm his covenant with Abram and reaffirm his promise of a son. The next chapter in the big story starts with the birth of a baby.

Observation point:

In Hebrew culture, names and their meanings had great significance. The name was given to a child at birth often had some connection to his or her appearance or birth order. People’s name were sometimes changed when they had a life-changing experience. Changing Abram to Abraham signified a slight variation: Abram means “exalted father,” while Abraham sounds like the Hebrew term for “father of many.” The change from Sarai to Sarah was just a change in spelling, probably because of differences between the languages of Ur and Canaan; both names means “princess.”

Exploration point:

It’s easy for us to ridicule Sarah’s audacity to laugh at God. But aren’t we guilty of this every time we doubt that God can handle our conundrums? Unfortunately, we think that God’s solution must fit into our paradigms. But God can work outside our most outlandish expectations. Nothing is too hard for the Lord: neither having an old woman get pregnant, nor curing someone of cancer, nor solving a problem that baffles us, nor bringing peace to a war-torn nation. The next time you face something that appears impossible, hand over the situation to God, then wait–you have an opportunity to see how God will handle it. Nothing is too hard for Him.

My thoughts:

Our God is a God who fulfills every promise that he has chosen over our lives. Hi might not fulfill the next day but He has never failed to fulfill what He will do in your lives. In the passage that we read, there is an instance when Sarah laughed over getting pregnant at a ripe old age. Yes, I have been in that situation multiple times, In one instance we got a word from the Lord through a servant of God that after going back to India we would be back in the USA in 6 months. At that time, I literary laughed at it and thought that would not be possible. But now I am working here and we had our baby born here in the USA. We never thought this is possible, when we went back to India there was no way that we can make it to the USA again because there were no other means. But God made a way and he fulfilled His promise in our lives

Are you wondering and waiting for his promise to get fulfilled in your lives? Don’t worry take heart, He will fulfill all that is needed in your life. Just trust and wait patiently on God. The latter glory is greater than the former.

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