Daily devotion

The Lord’s covenant promise to Abram

Read Genesis 15:1-21

God’s flood did not wash away sin completely. Sin spreads until people once again live in open defiance of God. Still, God loves his world and wants to reconnect with it. So he finds a new man, Abram, and makes a covenant with him. He promises to bless Abram, and through him, God bless the whole world. Abram believes and obeys God; as a result his whole life changes. But as God’s big story continues, Abram grows anxious that he has no son to inherit God’s blessings. Then one day Abram has a vision from the Lord.

Observation Point:

Cutting animals in half was a cultural custom of this time and region. It signified a sacred agreement– or covenant–between two parties. Together, both parties divided an animal in half and then walked between the two pieces, sealing the agreement. The act symbolized that a person would die like the animal if he broke the covenant. God used that custom and ritual but expanded it to include a goat, a ram, and two birds. He elevated it to a sacred level.

Exploration Point:

God made covenants with Adam and Eve, with Noah, with Abram, and with others in order to reveal himself to humans and restore the relationship he had with his creation at the beginning. This restoration is God’s ongoing plan. Throughout the Old Testament, God made covenants with his people. God’s son, Jesus, is the ultimate revelation of God to humans. Jesus inagurated the New Covenant between God and his people. God connected with Adam, Noah, and Abram by using common cultural signs and rituals that they could relate to. God later connected to all humanity by sending his Son, Jesus Christ, to earth as a human like us.

My thoghts:

When I read through the passage, I was reminded of a prophesy that was given by a great man of God to us as a family. In that he had mentioned the verse that explains how Abram is supposed to go to the land which God shows and He will give that land to Abram that is filled with strangers. At that time we were in India though initially in disbelief but then I completely had faith in the Lord that He will do it. Now as I write this article, I am in USA with my family and God has blessed us with a child after 7 years. It is amazing to see how God fulfills His promise in our lives.

If you are reading this in doubt what are you going to do for the future? Do not worry God will take care of your future and you do not need to fear for anything because it is God who has called to for a great purpose. Have faith and completely trust in Him.

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