Daily devotion

The Man and Woman Sin

Today we will continue on the flyover route in our wayfinding series of study

Read Genesis 3:1-24

Adam and Eve are free to roam, to enjoy the garden and the animals, and to walk and talk with God. They live with only one restriction–to no eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. But they choose to defy God and eat the tree’s fruit. Then sin enters the world, it divides everything and uncertainty reigns. Adam and Eve are separated from God, but God continues to love them. Even though sin enters the world, changing everything, God’s big story continues.

Observation Point:

God settled Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden with a wide variety of fruit-producing trees to satisfy their hunger. He also created two special trees that grew in the middle of the Garden: the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, and the tree of life. God clearly told Adam not to eat the fruit of the first tree, but he didn’t restrict the second. Adam and Eve had the opportunity to eat from the tree of life, but the Bible never says that they did. The serpent pointed out God’s one restriction, causing Eve to doubt God an then disobey him.

Exploration Point:

The story of how sin came into the world is known as the Fall. It answers the question, “Why is there evil in the world?” Although Eve disobeyed God’s command first by eating the fruit and Adam followed her, Adam is the one who represents all humanity separated from God. Adam’s disobedience and sin separate everyone from God, but Christ’s righteousness and sacrifice reunite us with him. Humanity suffers under God’s indictment and conviction because of Adam’s actions: however, God graciously offers humanity a way of salvation through Jesus Christ(the second Adam)

My thoughts:

While I was going through the passage, I was reminded of the incident where God says to Adam and Eve not to do one particular thing out of all the richness and provisions that are available to you from God. Both disobey and they fall for the serpent(satan). If you look closely on the passage, the life of Adam and Eve was going smoothly in the garden of Eden, they had their freedom to stroll around and eat whatever they like from the garden and casually having a conversation with God directly.  Until the serpent(satan) showed up and begin to deceive and convince of why you should be hearing only from God and why not take your one step and see how glorious it is.

This is very true at the present time also, We are totally filled with distractions and deceiving things all around us that are not us. Deception in the form of different format is all around us saying God would not mind a little pleasure on this and God will forgive you. It is very hard to be obedient to God even at this present times. For instance, if you decide and step on decisions based on the promise of God and you believe God is the ultimate control and step out in faith, but the whole world will tell you it is not possible and it can’t be done and sometime it will deceive you of your faith in God. In above all things lets stand steadfast and believe that God is our only source of life and have full confidence in Him that He will set our lives in a fruitful and righteous path.

I also pray that you will not be deceived by the false prophets and fake promises that someone gives you but let you be charged by the powerful living word of the Lord.

Share your thoughts about this passage on the comments lets get talking and I pray let the Holy Spirit move so that God will reveal certain things to each of us who reads through this devotion


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