Daily devotion

The Beginning


God’s story has no beginning or end, but our part in it begins when he creates the heavens and the earth. God has big plans for his creation. He creates humans in his own image, giving them both dominion over all creation and also the privilege of being in intimate relationship with him. The first humans enjoy direct fellowship and conversation with God until they choose to violate God’s only commandment. The communion they had with their creator is gone, and evil permeates God’s creation. Things are no longer the way they are supposed to be. God punishes humanith, but he doesn’t destroy them. In fact, he already has a plan to restore the relationship he intended to have with them.

Where are we going?

We get glimpses of God’s plan even in the earliest stories of the Bible. When creations becomes consumed with sin, God cleanses the world with a flood, sparing the righteous Noah and his family. When it is all over, God sends a rainbow as a sign of his promise to never again send such a catastrophe.

God selects one man, Abraham, through whom he will restore his close relationship with humanity. God promises to bless Abraham and his family by making them his chosen people. They wll represent God to the world and demonstrate his desire to reunite with all humanity.

Abraham and his family are far from perfect. In fact, Genesis records the many failures of God’s chosen people right alongside the stories of their faithfulness. God is at work in this family, transforming them into the kind of people he wants as his representatives on earth.

Jesus as true north

Although thosands of years will pass before Jesus Christ comes to earth as a baby, he is present with God even before creation. Christ “existed before anthing was created and is supreme over all creation, for through him God created everything in heavenly realms and on earth”(Colossians 1:15-16). Everything in the Old Testament points the way to Jesus. He embodies God’s ultimate plan for restoring fellowship with his people and for renewing his creation.


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