Daily devotion

Day 1: Birth

Watch the Jim Monroe Film

What did you like about, identify with, or learn from Jim’s story?

In this real life testimony, the main thing that we can take about is God has made so unique, in this whole wide world there is only one you and no one can replace you.

In Monroe’s life and his profession as a magician, it is really hard to accept that there is a God above him who can do unimaginable things that the human mind cannot think of. He thought God as an illusion in my opinion. In the same way, I may be a person of intellect and in a more logical sense you may question the motive of others who believe in God, but there is a bigger God(Christ) than you who had done unimaginable things while he was roaming the earth. Christ is the only God in all the planet who died for our mistakes and rose up on the third day to give us victory over our sins and forever be always be with us now and forever more.

In one instance, Jim shares how he was affected by the deadly disease and how his world got upside down.When he was into remission in getting his cancer cleared there was only one match that would be deemed acceptable to his body. Even then his body has to accept the blood and function normally. In that sense, God cares for us so uniquely and individually, he does not have a template where He just clones one solution repeatedly to every person on the plan according to his/her needs. But He is a good who has an individualistic connection to us and He tends to our needs very specifically.

Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is the Messiah, the Lord. –Luke 2:11

Read the whole passage in Luke 2:1-21

What It says

1. What did you like about this passage?

I love how Jesus was born in this world in a simple manner, thought he was the king of kings, he chooses not to born in a palace but in a lowly manger. Also, the shepherds were the first flock of people who came to know about the good news that Jesus Christ was born.

2. What did you not like or find confusing about this passage?


What It means

1. What does this passage teach about people?

People were hopeless, they were waiting for someone to save them and turn all their sorrows into happiness. When they heard about the Savior, a new hope began to nurture in their hearts that the God of Gods is with us in the human flesh and there is hope for every one of us.

2. What does this passage teach about God?

The king of kings and Lord of Lords choose to be born in a manger rather than in a Kings palace. This show how much God had humbled himself and was touching so many lives from the ground up. God came to stir up the entire human race.

Live it. How will you live more second today?

Tell it. How will you share what you have learned?

Practice it. Get with a friend or someone in your group. Practice or role-play your “Live and Tell” commitments.

From the book “Live second: 365 days to make Jesus first”


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I am by profession a UI/ UX designer. I have more interest in connecting users with technology through the field of UX experience. My hobby is photography and cinematography. I am also a drummer. I started drumming at the age of 5. During my free time, i use my talent to help in my church through drumming and singing.

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