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Feet fitted for action

You have delivered my soul from death, my eyes from tears, my feet from stumbling. –Psalm 116:8.

They called him the Wizard of Westwood. His real name was John Wooden. He coached the UCLA Bruins basketball team to a record-setting 88 consecutive victories, collection ten NCAA national championships in the course of twelve years. Wooden is remembered as one of the best coaches even to pick up a whistle and clipboard.

What made Coach Wooden so effective? Perhaps it was his hound-like dedication to practice. Maybe it was his insistence on hard work in the off-season. It’s possible he had a knack for finding the most talented recruits. Or could it have been that his players always had their shoes tightly tied and double-knotted?

That last one may seem like a joke — but it’s not. Coach Wooden would actually stoop down and teach new players how to tie their shoes. He incessantly checked his players’ shoes to verify they were tied correctly. Wooden was obsessive about having his players’ shoes properly fitted and ready for action.

The apostle Paul knew something about properly fitted footwear. Paul walked–a lot! And he took the message of Jesus Christ with him wherever he went. In his letter to the church in Ephesus, Paul drew on this background to explain God’s work in the lives of his people:

Finally, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of his might .. as shoes for your feet, having put on the readiness given by the gospel of peace.. Ephesians 6:10,15

The gospel of peace that Paul mentions here is the Good News of what God has done for you in Christ Jesus. You are restored, made new in his cross and empty tomb. Knowing this brings deep and lasting peace, no matter how chaotic your life may become at times.

Your feet have been fitted with this holy message. The Holy Spirit has stooped down to fit your feet with the Gospel of peace. Man of God, you are ready for action. Man of God, you are ready to walk with Christ. Man of God, you are ready to share his love

From the book Man of God Walking by Faith.

About Sam Jacob

I am by profession a UI/ UX designer. I have more interest in connecting users with technology through the field of UX experience. My hobby is photography and cinematography. I am also a drummer. I started drumming at the age of 5. During my free time, i use my talent to help in my church through drumming and singing.

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