Daily devotion

How to stay true

What pulls away from Jesus? Reflect on those you know who have lost their faith, and the reason for it. What went wrong?

1 John 2:15-27

After his powerful words on true love, John turns to counterfeit love, and the falsehood that seems true and right but lets you down. What are the marks of false love? And how can we be protected?

False love is worldly desire. John could have written verse 16 about the modern advertising culture that tells us that sex, possessions or status are the way to happiness! Don’t fall in love with all that, he says–it’s all so passing, so ephemeral. False love doesn’t stay true to fellowship. THe church has been divided –and John says that this breach of love indicates a lock of truth. True love stays committed, even when relationships are tough. False love prefers a different Jesus. In verse 22 John is probably referring to a particular early heresy which was embarrassed by the cross, so that only Jesus died there. John says that this denies the true relationship between the Father and the Son, whose blood was truly shed on the cross for us.

Rather, true love holds on to the basic gospel message. The original, simple truths of the gospel are what give us fellowship with God, Father and Son, and promise us eternal life. True love loves out of an inner, instinctive grasp of what is true and right. It’s not clear what John means by the ‘anointing’ to which he refers here. Perhaps he means that if we live in fellowship with God, then we have an anointing, a deep instinctual spiritual awareness, a spiritual knowing that will guide us and keep us from being pulled away by false loves.

Do you think this is true? Do you experience this inner instinct? Is it share, or individual, or both? Turn your thoughts int prayer. 


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