Daily devotion

Peace & Quiet

‘He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters, Thank you, Lord, for times of peace and quiet.

Ruth 2:17-23

Chapter 2 covers once day, possibly Boaz and Ruth’s first day back in Bethlehem since food would have been their priority. Ruth returns home, after a day of back- breaking work, with plenty of food, including grain already roaster, and a story . Noami’s spirits start to lighten when she learns that all the bounty came from Boaz, her husband’s Kin. She blesses him, honoring his kindness, suggesting that, in showing kindness to the two windows, he is therefore honoring his dead kinsmen who were not there to look after them. But she may have already begun to think that this man may be the ‘kinsman redeemer’ who would buy back their land, and maybe even marry Ruth  and restore the family name. As Ruth had promised back in Moab(1:16), she and Naomi stay together through the weeks if harvest, protected by Boaz’s watchful authority over his fields and employees.

All though this books there is an interweaving of prayer and human agency. look back over the first two chapters and see how Noami (1:8,9, Ruth(1:17) and Boaz (2:12) all pray for the Lord’s blessing in the ordinary speech of everyday life. The prayers are answered through those who, knowing the lord’s covenant loving kindness themselves, express his love in practical ways to neighbor and kin. As well as praying for his blessing on others, we need to be active participants in God’s acts of loving kindness. Ruth, even though a widow and a foreigner, has taken the initiative, both to come to Bethlehem and to go out gleaning. Naomi now, in her turn, decides to make things happen.

“ In ever situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And then ask him to show you if he can use you to answer them!.


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