Daily devotion

A Man of Standing

“ Be ready to do whatever is good, to slander no one, to be peaceable and considerate, and always to be gentle towards everyone.”

 Ruth 1:19-2:16

In Bethlehem, the neighbours seem shocked at Noami’s Tragic story.She tells them that the lord has brought her back empty, but Ruth is there beside her and the barley is ready for harvesting.Ruth commitment to Nomani leads her to take the initiative in finding food, yet to honour her mother-in-law by asking her permission. The command to farmers to allow gleaning accours several times in the law specifically for the benefit of the fatherless, the foreigner and the widow.Ruth falls into these categories, by she must have felt deeply apprehensive as Boaz strode across the field to speak to her, an unprotechted woman and a Moabite.

Boaz turns out to be a generous and kind employer, scrupulous and fair, who begins the day with  blessing,he expects his foreman to know about those working  his fields. He welcomes the stranger, generously offering her protection and access to the labourers water.He ensures that Ruth is treated properly,and honours her for the sacrifice she made in coming with her mother-in-law.So out of adherence to custom and generosity of heart, Boaz doesn’t simply make sure that the maximum amount is harvested and stored away, but ensures that the poor are allowed to share in his crops. He expects his workers to show the same care for the poor and the foreigner.

The Key phrase hers is “ As it turned out’ (v 3). With the eyes of faith, we begin to see God’s providence at work. We have been told that Boaz is a relative of Naomi’s husband. Boaz, quite  a bit older than Ruth and probably a childless widower, has established a relationship of mutual appreciation with her. Listeners down the centuries must have sat up and wondered what would happen next!

As we look at our daily lives, particularly at work, may we learn from the rich boss and the poor widow have to show the loving kindness of the Lord.


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