Daily devotion

How to please God

Laying aside the fear of death, let us think on the eternal life to come. Through this knowledge, let us demonstrate that we are what we believe.

Hebrews 13
Faith has a daily shape that should please GOd. It is not passive but active in its devotion to God and in its good deeds. This practical chapter touches on everyday maters such as the avoidance of sin and the pursuit of good. The believer must consciously and resolutely move away from sexual immorality, greed, empty ritualism, in subordination, and worldliness. Living by faith is no just avoiding sin, but also actively seeking to do good. Believers must be hospitable and prayerful, and should imitate the faith of mature Christians in showing that they are waiting for the heavenly city. They should share what they have with other and thereby please God.
All the above is bracketed by two instructions: (1) Continually offer to God a sacrifice of praise, and (2) Keep on loving one another. One is directed vertically while the other is horizontal, and bother are to be continually present in our live. They are lifetime directives. If we continue in them, we bring delight and pleasure to God. All this happens not by self-effort but by faith–in the great Shepherd of the sheep. It is through him that the Father enables us to do God’s will, and through his work in us that the Father is pleased. It is because he is working in us that we are able to do good works that please God
Therefore, what pleases God is Christ’s work in us, and, consequently, his work through us. Such a life of faith please our heavenly Father. From the beginning to the end, it is lived by faith in the grace of God who will perfectly complete what he has begun.
Reflect on what it means for you to continue in the two things mentioned above.

1 comment on “How to please God

  1. Alex Corinth

    God bless you soo much for changing my life daily with God’s words that transformed me every single day in life.i am blessed by you.THANK GOD FOR YOUR LIFE.may you be empowered in the name of Jesus!

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