Daily devotion

Faith’s Sufferings

We cannot follow christ in holiness unless we are willing to stand out from the crowd and swim against the stream.

Hebrews 11:32-40
Living by faith brings its own great moments, because such faith is placed in a God of majesty and power. Faith has its own wonderful testimonies of how kingdoms were conquered and justice was administered, how God saved his own from hungry lions, fiery flames and fierce swords. Faith recounts stories of amazing victories, and God’s inscrutable way of turning weakness to strength, surprising both the believer and his opponents
But living by faith also brings suffering. God does miracles, but he is not a magical performer. He does not always rescue us from our dangerous situations. Therefore  believers have also found themselves in prison and have undergone much physical and other forms of suffering in the lives of people who choose to live by faith? The answer has to do with God’s ultimate promises and purposes. He has planned something better–and it has to do with our perfection. God does not always change our circumstance, but he all always use them to change our character. Sufferings are often allowed, to fulfil God’s better plans. This calls for stronger and persevering faith, and the clear and the more immediate victories that God brings about from time to time assure us that GOd knows what he is doing , and is in control.
Today, there are many believers around the world who have great testimonies of victories and sufferings–testifying to the awesome power and abiding presence of God, and unchanging purposes of God. The great story of faith continues.
What’s your part in this great story of faith? Praise God for testimonies of his power, and pray for believers who suffer for their faith.

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