Daily devotion

Early Recognition

Remember the peace and comfort of a lovely place, where you recently encountered Jesus. Ponder with Christ his boundary lines for you today.

Mark 6:45-56
Christian discipleship ventures into new waters of maturity when we discover directly from Jesus that he has a secret life of his own, separate from our immediate presence–yet he holds us in view! Jesus solitude in rugged hills rising towards Golan from Galilee was disrupted by that single speck on the lake’s eight mile horizon, which he knew to be his friends, battling a rising squall. Let’s imagine how the disciples would narrate this incident afterwards, describing the speculations that they had discussed between themselves to explain a strange water-borne figure emerging from the tempest, and the lurid local superstitions which began to reduce even the hardiest among them into gibbering terror, so that their apoplexy grew almost as violent as the wind. Does Jesus nearly walk past them deliberately so that they would not easily omit, in retelling, their blindness to Jesus divine identity for the whole of that momentous day
Two years ago I gave over leadership of a dads and lads hike I was leading, in a mist-saturated forest which I though I knew, with failing light, after an arduous climb, having too little food and in rapidly falling temperatures. Within minutes of my handing over the helm to a friend, the oldest and most physically exhausted of the men, we found our path and quickly made our way out of the forest to our shelter, fire and supplies. Stories like mine make for compelling yet humbling fireside telling. Bravado turned to humility and the providence of averted harm are themes that would have animated the disciples retelling of today’s event, around a Galilean fish barbecue with only some hours of hindsight
So many ordinary Galileans immediately recognised who Jesus was. Can we who follow Jesus closely, gradually become blind or deaf to his approach or hardened to his familiar touch? With the guilelessness of Galilee’s people we too can clamour for healing

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