Daily devotion

Wrong footed

Lord, if obedience is a mark of faith, help me to show it by the way I live today

ACTS 5:17-32

It is very satisfactory to draw a line under a matter and airbrush it from your memory. ‘Move on’, we say; ‘that’s history’. But the ministry of Jesus is not neat and tidy. He has a way of escaping that would make a Houdini envious, and refuses to let his word or his people be imprisoned. There is something farcical in watching the authorities use all the pomp of high office to cover their basic instinct(jealousy). They strut in their self-importance, only to be left looking foolish and the infant church. The Sanhedrin assembles to ratify the impulsive to bring out the prisoners. Then the script goes wrong, for no group of cowed prisoners appear stage left. Instead they are already taking par on a more impressive set(the temple), to a larger audience, with a more appreciative response.
All the carefully prepared appearance of civility has gone. To be so humiliated by such people is insufferable. The soldiers alone recognize a new world and avoid taking sides in obeying orders. Protected from the people, surrounded by his own sort, the high priest dismisses what he doesn’t understand. You can almost hear him spluttering before such willful disobedience. Worse, they are being accused of what , so short a time ago, they took pride in, namely the death of Jesus, Interestingly, he cannot force himself to utter Jesus’ name.
Peter has learned a lot in a short time. The resurrection has transformed his understanding of the cross. What was seemingly a disaster is now see as God’s amazing way of providing forgiveness to all who repent. Having got it wrong time and again, Peter is now sure whose voice he will listen to from now on.
Where are the tension points between your faith and your world? Pray for grace to make the right choices today.


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