Daily devotion

The day of the Lord

There’s an opportune time to do things,a right time for everything on the earth. Talk to God about the season of your life you are currently experiencing.

Isaiah 2:6-22

Does the expression ‘The day of the Lord’ excite you? It did the prophets. In common currency,it anticipated God putting everything right in the world, no matter what the behavior of the people. Amos, writing earlier in the eight century, was the first prophet to suggest that some repentance might be in order prior to God’s intervention. A remnant would be saved, but only because they responded to God’s grace. This promised day of the Lord was a call to repentance.

Recently at a Christian wedding in Africa I over heart  a man accost two muslim woman guests, haranguing them with their need to accept Jesus as the Son of God. The Christian virtue of hospitality cam to mind by its absence. But I also though of Old Testament prophets and their urgent calls for the people to return to the Lord in light of the impending day. I appreciated better the urgency of Isaiah, who could switch so quickly between the wonderful hope of God’s visible holy presence drawing all nations, to the dire prediction of a wasted land and a fleeting people.

Isaiah’s warning had an immediate application in 586 BC in the Assyrian attack on Judah, as well as a future dimension. Our hope is urgency of the message of judgement that is also implied in Jesus return? It is nice to be included in that remnant, but what of friends and neighbors who might be excluded? Verse 22 is a sobering, but  not cynical conclusion to this chapter. We know how fragile human existence is. A sharp blow, a sudden fall and the breath is knocked out. Repent now while you have the chance!

Let God direct you today to those who need to had both the promise and the warning of our Lord’s return before their own passing or his coming. 

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