Daily devotion

Hidden and Revealed

‘Truly my should finds rest in God, my salvation comes from him.’

Mark 4:21-34

Jesus again urges the people who are flocking to him to listen to him, really listen. What this means is now becoming clearer. His ‘hidden’ and ‘concealed’ message will only be revealed to those willing to take the risk of faith and follow him. Mark is telling us something very important and often forgotten: genuine Christian learning is only possible for committed disciples with a passion to live as Jesus wants them to live. Real theology, therefore, is lived theology, resulting from obedience and the constant exercise of faith. We don’t set the terms of engagement: Jesus does. ‘Our part is to listen and act, and then listen and act again and again…We are invited to follow along when we only have an inkling of where we are going.

Jesus must have intended the parables of the growing seed and mustard seed to be a source of sustenance and strength to this disciples in every age. They remind us that, regardless of how it may sometimes seem, the work of the kingdom is constantly under way ‘night and day’. ‘There is a hidden energy at work below the surface, as the gospel message is preached and enacted. The work of the kingdom, like a mustard seed, will grow out of that which in human terms look tiny and of little significance.

Do you yearn and strive for that day when no child will die prematurely, when human society will be just and fair, when there will be no more pain and no more tears, when the time of death and decay will be over? Then take heart, for it is the Holy Spirit who plants this yearning within you, and Jesus is the guarantee that this day will come to pass.

As you consider your participation in the work of the kingdom there will be outcomes and events that discourage, and others that encourage– bring them to God in prayer.


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