Daily devotion

Daylight’s Children

‘My mouth will speak in praise of the Lord. Let every creature praise his holy name for every and ever.’

Ephesians 5:1-20

Paul continues the contrast between living with the world’s values, and living as Christians. Above all, we now are to ‘ live a life of love’. As always, our example is Christ and his sacrificial love for us. Our love too must be sacrificial, if that is what it takes to avoid all the distractions and temptations outlined in verse 3-6.

The contrast is between light and darkness. We are to be children of light, avoiding the shameless acts that some do in secret. Light is a very apt metaphor, for as we are told elsewhere, ‘God is light; in him there is not darkness at all’ Light uncovers hypocrisy and deceit. Light brings visibility, so there is nowhere to hide: what we do is seen by everyone for what it is. Light brings exposure, so things cannot be covered up or ignored. We are to welcome all this, and not be afraid, because we have nothing to worry about if we live with integrity and truth. As children of God we are called to walk in the light of his love.

Paul’s final concern is how we spend our time. The same transparency  is to apply here. We are called to be wise in the way we use the days God gives us, not to be self-indulgent but to allow the Holy spirit to walk with us, and remind us to praise God. It’s a test for all of us not to fritter time away, but to make the most of the hours we have. Today, let us be unafraid of living exposed lives before God. Let us ask God to help us not to wast our time, but to use it thoughtfully and be a blessing to other people.

Are there things in your life which you are glad other people don’t  know about? Bring them to God and ask to cover them with his grace.


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